Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Uhel, Huel and Uzel

There are a cluster of place names with  Celtic roots which all mean 'high', 'above' or 'over'.

In Welsh there is:
uchaf - 'upper', 'highest' [Felin-gwm-uchaf, Cwm Twrch Uchaf]
uchel - 'high' [Bonuchel, Gelli-Bonuchel]
uwrch - 'above', 'over' [Llanuwchllyn, Uwchmynydd]

From Breton we have:
uhel - 'high'  [Uzel, Huelgoat, Canihuel, Gurunhuel]

In Gaulish there is: 
uxellos - 'high'  
uxisama - 'the highest', 'the furthest' -[Ouessant]

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