Monday, 21 April 2014


Quimper, Brittany
Quimper [video]is where the Steir, Odet and Jet rivers meet, and this how the city gets its name: Kemper in Breton means 'conflux' or 'confluence'.

Quimper is the capital of the region of Cornouaille (Cornwall) and suggests the original route of migration for 5-7th century Britons.

Migration of Britons to Brittany
Cury, Cornwall
Saint-Corentin, the patron saint of Quimper and its first bishop,preserves this Cornish connexion: he is also the patron saint of Cury, in Cornwall. 

His iconography, as seen in Quimper's cathedral, features a miraculous fish which, when eaten, would re-grow its missing parts. 

Saint-Corentin Banner, Locronan

Quimper, with its waterways, footbridges and medieval architecture is a pretty cool place to visit.

And, of course, there is the pottery:

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