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Sts Budoc, Budeaux, Beuzec and Zennor

St Budoc at Tregarvan (29)
Budoc [Beuzec, Budock] is the patron saint of sailors in Brittany and even has his own maritime Troparion (single verse hymn) celebrating his role as as a saver of souls. The story behind his saintly purpose is one that connects him with four Celtic regions.
Troparion of St Budoc
Saint Budoc was the son of Princess Azenor [Senara, Zennor] of Brest. Following accusations of infidelity spread by her jealous stepmother, she was put into a cask and thrown out to the sea while pregnant. While she was floating off the westernmost end of Cornwall she was visited by Saint Brigid who gave spiritual guidance when Azenor gave birth to Budoc in the cask. 

The princess and child were washed up onto the Cornish coast at Zennor Head where St Senara's church, Zennor village, Zennor Quoit and Porthzennor Cove still bear her name. She then continued to Ireland where Budoc was brought up. They only returned when the evil stepmother fell ill and retracted her allegation on her deathbed.

Budoc founded a seminary and monastery on the Isle of Lavret in the Bréhat archipelago. Saints Guenolé (founder of Landévennec Abbey), Jacut and Gwethenoc trained here and there are still remains of Budoc's settlement, a small rectangular church and a row of bee-hive huts.
Budoc is said to have sailed to Devon and Cornwall and founded settlements at St Budeaux, an inlet on the Devon side of the River Tamar at Budshead Creek, near Plymouth. There is also an ancient church at Budock in Cornwall dedicated to him.
Budock (Cornwall)
Budoc succeeded Saint Samson as Bishop of Dol where he served for 26 years. On his death in 608 his disciple Ildut was instructed to take his right arm back to Plourin. 

On the road the inhabitants of Brech (Morbihan) tried to seize the relic. Ildut managed to pull out three fingers with his teeth, which he kept in his mouth until he reached Plourin.

You can still see the finger relics at Plourin embedded in the symbolic silver arm which protects them and makes an appropriate gesture in the direction of the thieving Brechois!

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