Tuesday, 13 May 2014

St Gall, St Gallen and Langast

The Eglise-Saint-Gal has a reputation for being a particularly unstable, topsy-turvy sort of church.
But it has survived and so has the name of its famous saint. 

St Gal (550-646) was an Irish saint who travelled as a missionary to Europe with St Colomba to found monasteries and seats of religious learning.  

Their first port of call was Brittany where they lived as hermits and founded a monastery here at Langast, which is named after him.

St Gal is the same saint as St Gall of  Gallen Abbey on the banks of Lake Constance in Switzerland with its magnificent cathedral built on the same spot where St Gal had his hermitage - 2,300ft up.
File:St.Gallen Abbey.JPG

The Abbey library houses 160,000 books and an important collection of medieval manuscripts which makes it the earliest and the largest monastic library in the world.

Here St Gal had indeed founded a 'seat of learning' to be remembered by.

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