Thursday, 22 May 2014

Glomel the Bright Hill

Glomel    Groňvel    [Glomael, 1295]

Goulou in Breton means ‘bright’ or ‘light’ [W: golau ; OC: golou] and Gaulish : mello means hill’ or ‘promontory’ [W: moel ; Sc: mull]. 
The name can be compared to Bringolo in Côtes d'Armor; Alltgolau, Nant-y-moel and Moelfre in Wales.
The Breton and Welsh examples all refer to hills. This makes sense, particularly with moel which is a ‘bare/bald hill’ and is very likely to refect the sunlight cf. Rhyd-y-foel (Wales).
Looking towards Rhyd-y-Foel
Glomel's other treasure is a menhir (8.5 x 4m):

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